A Guide to Traditional Freestanding Baths


Traditional freestanding baths NZ fall into several broad categories about their basic appearance into, two additional issues of equal value are the kind of base as well as the form of tap fittings needed. Each of these and also the main styles of traditional bath tub appearance are identified below. The information in this particular article is about manufactured traditional style freestanding baths not antique baths.

Traditional tub feet typically can be found in one of four broad models although the variance within those models might be great. Palin feet, ball and claw feet, usually only called claw feet come in the proper execution of the talon or claw grasping onto a baseball which rests on the floor and takes the weight of the bath, tigers foot feet are formed like the foot of a lion standing on the restroom floor and after that there are just about Art Deco type feet that you can find on a few freestanding baths. Of the three groups the baseball and claw feet can be found in such extensive variance. The variations that are more decorative are barely recognizable as such with much of the detail removed. Plain feet are similar to claw and the ball in general shape but have no depth on them.

Bath legs are available in various resources and finishes, cast iron feet have to be painted, and usually they are painted black, white or the same color as the bathroom walls. Feet are also available made from brass, sometimes using a slick brass finish (which will be often used with gold shoes) or in electroplated chrome, gold (frequently called classic gold), applied nickel or shiny nickel. Not all traditional bathrooms have toes. In general feet aren't interchangeable between baths though they could sometimes be that specific manufacturers make use of the same legs on two or more of the baths. Unless you already know how you can get the correct feet constructed for that bathtub, you shouldn't obtain a bath without the feet.

It is very important to know when you buy a standard freestanding bathrooms nz what sort of taps you will use with it and what you would need to attractively plumb them in. Traditional freestanding baths in many cases are called roll top baths, this describes the rolling fringe of several traditional style of bath. It is not possible to install a tap onto a roll top bath's rolling edge. A conventional treatment for this was to drill the taps hole in the side of the bath just above the overflow.

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